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Raising more self-aware children with Kindermusik

In Kindermusik class we focus on the child’s individual needs and abilities. That means each child is recognised and accepted unconditionally, regardless his academic success or anything like that. However, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate their milestones in a more appropriate way – by individually recognising his or her merits. That makes our classes process, not perfprmance based.

Self-awareness is an integral part of Kindermusik program. As if we can “listen” and “hear” what our body says we are on the way of using it correctly and efficiently. Activities that involve using particular body parts consciously, moving in certain patterns – help develop that sense of “listening to your body”. Self-awareness is actually a fundamental thing that holds the key for conscious understanding of one’s inner world, thoughts, physical sensations and intuition.  In addition to movement, in our Kindermusik classes we assist with the development of self-awareness by making sure that each child’s contribution is valued, any idea is appreciated and any opinion is accepted.

What else is there to grow a more self-aware child? Actually there are many games that we use during our classes that focus on “inhibitory” control and they are amongst kids’s favourites. So-called “stop-and-go” games help children develop their inner commands for the situations when they need to stop for instance and think and then resume or start new action. This is actually a vital life skill, manifestations of which could be useful in everyday life situations – like stopping in front of a car or other hazards as well as stopping and thinking in situations related to a bad habit. We hope that these games will help Kindermusik kids make healthier choices later on.

Our quiet time (read “quiet music time”) in baby, toddler and sometimes, in older Kindermusik classes, teaches little ones to relax and to listen to their bodies and minds while they are actually listening to the music. They also learn how to re-establish contact with themselves and to re-focus on their own inner sensations and how to be more self-aware, as well. Relaxation is a learnt behaviour and perhaps the first step to learning self-awareness in a child.

It is obvious that child’s learning takes time and actually is an infinite process. It is very important, especially during first few crucial years of child’s life to maintain that process alive as well as corroborate it with parent’s behaviour and examples. Typical Kindermusik family is provided with great tools to facilitate that process  as their child is growing: in class tips are shared by trained Kindermusik expert as well as outside of the classroom there are Kindermusik@home materials full of developmentally appropriate activities and parental tips which are available to you 24/7 on any device connected to the Internet. There is so much you can do outside the class time to help your child and yourself. All you need to do is to observe your child and learn from each other. She gets to learn your life experience and skills while you can  learn her freedom of movement and spontaneity of self-expression. Kindermusik  encourages you to support this learning by all means for the future success in your child’s life.

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