Kindermusik toddler class

Give the gift of music

There are Kindermusik gift certificates available to purchase – any value,  you choose it. It is a perfect way to support child’s early development, enhance early learning, social skills, challenge fine and gross motor development and instil a lifelong love of music. It is an exciting alternative to conventional gifts like toys, games or clothes. Investment in early learning has never been easier! Simply contact us with your details, including your name, your contact information and the amount you are willing to give. We will get back to you with payment options and once it has been completed we will mail the Gift Certificate to you or to the address of your choice!

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  1. I was looking for something for my little girls to do when they were toddlers, not so much playgroup, but something constructive & fun at the same time. Then we stumbled upon Kindermusik & never looked back again!
    Without realising it, my girls were learning sound music skills, bit by bit, and now, I never have to make them LIKE music, they just do! Not just passive listeners to YouTube as most teenagers are, (they do follow bands etc), but they also know how to discern & listen to good music – they appreciate, they play instruments, they join their school choir, and they have fun making up tunes.
    I’m just so grateful for the KM program coz nowadays, anything to do with music, even music practice, is one less thing that I need not nag my girls about at home!

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