What is in music?

Did you know that one of the only activities that activate, stimulate and makes use of our entire brain is Music?! Making music benefits your child’s development in so many areas of their growing life, and what better way to introduce your child to Music than through Kindermusik!

We combine singing, dancing, moving, self-expression, storytelling, rhymes and instrument playing, to create a non-stop fun and engaging class for the whole family. And with your @Home Materials, you get to continue the music-making and fun activities at home too!

Remember, every child is very very musical from the very beginning. Babies talk in “musical dialogues” with their mums! Our Kindermusik classes is a great place to bond and create special moments with you and your child.

Join us and see why thousands of families world-wide choose Kindermusik for the whole family!

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