warm end of class greeting

Referral program

At 7 Notes we are always happy to see new families joining our classes – whether it is a beginning, middle or end of a term or a year. Moreover, we encourage currently enrolled families to bring their friends to our classes to help us spread the joy and benefits of music around us. If that family decide to sign up to any of our classes then currently enrolled family gets $10 discount to their next term/month fee. There are no limits – more families referred, more the final discount will be. And the new family is warmly received with a special welcoming gift – “Best of Kindermusik CD” or a Kindermusik “Play-card” that allows the owner to download any 10 songs from play.kindermusik.com where hundreds of quality children’s tracks farĀ all occasions can be found (gifts are valued $10 each).

So keep spreading the word about our classes and get rewards!