Kindermusik girl dancing

What do kids do differently to us?

Many of us deal with kids a lot on a daily basis and the variety of situations we get into makes us wonder at some point…how is that possible? Where do kids get all that energy needed for all the running, playing, making stories and lots of other tricks they demonstrate to us? And how should we get the emotional strength and physical agility to cope with the children, provide quality parenting as well as combine it with a healthy lifestyle and preserve own sanity?..

Young children, especially those who have not been yet affected by the pressure of social boundaries such as school, family and external social environment – move freely, with ease and very spontaneously. You can see it at a Kindermusik class during activities like dances (especially those with elements of free dances), creative movement or playing instruments to the music. Unfortunately, grown-ups sometimes cannot be like that. Moving as freely and efficiently as we should is often hard for adults, because their actions seem to be rigid, bodies appear to be under unnecessary tension or stress.

Beyond Kindermusik classrooms, we may put way too much effort in order to get the results we want. And what is the most frightening – it might be our habit. And we do not mean big things like working hard over time to reach your goal…no, we mean simple everyday things that involve wasting our energy on “over-reacting”, “over-tightening” and “fight” reactions to outer stimuli are often exaggerated  and beyond our control. It may be the case that many of us have formed our everyday habits like sitting, standing, driving, working like that. Here is the answer why kids appear to handle everyday activities with ease: adults do things with too much tension, e.g. unnecessary waste of energy, while children have not learned those vicious patters yet.

Come to one of our Kindermusik session filled with plenty of quality original age-appropriate music, including songs, games and other enriching activities to help you with the total development of your child. Needless to say, our classes allow you to relax while you play with your child in a friendly atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and acknowledgement. Besides that, you will get many opportunities to observe the way your child moves as well as see others in a similar situation as you. The wonderful thing is that you can learn from each other, too!

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