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Well, after a fun (but too short – only 1 hour?) drumming session with Rambo last week, it’s only apt that we learn a little bit more about him…

Born in Port-Louis Mauritius, Rambo remembers picking up his first drum at age 3, his grandfather having given him his very first drum.

Now living in Perth, he continues to lead and drum with Sambanistas, the first ever Samba group in Perth founded in 1990. You will find the Sambanistas drumming at Corporate events,  Festivals around Perth, during the City to Surf fun run and festivities at Elizabeth Quay. They practise at East Perth, at the City Farm Markets on Sundays, and everyone is welcome to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/Sambanistas

Drumming has taken Rambo to all corners of the world – Europe, USA and South America. Even drumming outside Frankfurt Airport at one time! The highlight of course is having the opportunity to drum at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the 2011 Rio Carnivale! Describing the once-in-a-lifetime experience in his own words, “It was AWESOME! Imagine playing in a group that had 300 drummers, and 3000 dancers!” He describes Brazil as the ‘pinnacle of drumming – loved it, loved it, loved it!’.




So why are the Brazilians so good at drumming? Rambo says that there are no special music or drumming classes for kids – the children simply grow up sorrounded and immersed in the culture of drums – they listen to and watch the adults play drums at home and in the streets around them. As they grow up, drumming becomes a pastime that comes easily and naturally for most.

Apart from drumming, Rambo has been an active volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation Australia since 1999. The world-wide Charity Foundation helps bring hope to children living with life-threatening medical condition by granting their wishes. https://www.facebook.com/MakeAWishAustralia


He also volunteers for Camp Quality (camp activities, games, sports) and Radio Lollipop (as DJ or visiting kids in wards to play games and entertain). It is all about giving hope as they battle through ‘tough times’ , and “putting smiles on kids’ faces – that’s a very motivating cause”.

Rambo believes there are many different benefits to drumming apart from the fun and enjoyment, both for the young and old. It helps build self confidence, improve hand-eye coordination and teaches people to be able to work as a team.



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