Preparation – how important is it?

Parenting over the years, we have each developed our personal array of strategies to help our children deal with new events and experiences.

Most children do not perform well in new situations – moving house, travelling on an airplane for the first time, first day at day-care… any disruption or change in their routines can upset or change our children’s behaviour.

Preparing children before a change of event goes a long way in minimising stress, both for you and for them. Talking about the upcoming event, or showing them photos or picture books may help children to understand what is to come. For example – visiting your soon-to-be new house a few times before the actual move may familiarise and help ease your child’s anxiety of leaving behind your old home.

In our music classes, preparing children ahead of their lesson plays a very important part in student engagement – in their level of participation and enjoyment in each of the activities, and their willingness to interact, cooperate and learn with the other children in class.

The Best of Kindermusik CD
The Best of Kindermusik CD

Our Take Home CDs ensure each child can continue to listen to all of our songs, poems and stories away from class. Browsing through the available activities for each Unit through digital access on-line, the children are able to recollect, recapitulate and re-live the lesson’s highlights of the week.

The on-line materials are also full of fun ideas and little projects parents can do at home with their children- crafts, memory games, vocal play – helping to prepare and prime their children before each weekly class without even realising it!

Let's make Ankle Bells
Let’s make Ankle Bells



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