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Piano and Keyboard (Karrinyup & sorrounds) – Arlene

10 years on, my children with their favourite instruments
Piano or Keyboard Lessons –  a sound basis for learning other instruments 

Learning to play the piano is one of the simplest way for children to begin their musical journey. The black and white piano keys provide a pattern so children can easily grasp the corresponding key progression – the lower the keys the lower the sound, and the higher they move their fingers up the scale, the higher the notes they reach!

We start our piano instruction for children using Level 1A Alfred’s Basic Piano Book and/or Hal Leonard’s Piano Lessons & Theory, moving up the grades (AMEB levels). Theory is taught right alongside piano playing – through musical games, tracing & colouring in notes and scales, singing & steady beat games. The children get to make up their own songs right from the start, using the first 3 notes of the scale, so that piano learning and practice becomes a journey of self-discovery – full of enjoyment, contrasts and lots of fun!

For group keyboard lessons, we use the Australian Keyboard Curriculum ‘Encore on Keys’, ages 5 and up, for Beginners and onwards.  Each child will be grouped according to their age and level of experience.



Piano and Keyboard (Aveley & sorrounds) – Elena

elena vercraeijeMy name is Elena and I enjoy teaching piano to a wide range of students.  Our piano lessons are offered from the home-based studio in Aveley, WA, in one of the Northern suburbs of Perth. Whether you or your child are a complete beginner on the piano, or maybe an intermediate level pianist desiring to continue his or her education in a comfortable and stress-free environment, I will be happy to help you!



One of the most exciting parts of my piano studio is the preschool piano classes for 3-5 year olds  “Wunderkeys”. It is really important to instil a good feel about music amongst the youngest mini-maestros. That is why a quality preschool piano program is the key for their future success in music. It combines gentle introduction to keyboard, enhances math skills, involves fine motor development through finger games, promotes general musicianship through singing and listening to music and most importantly – it allows kids to monitor their progress so they stay excited about their lessons, from day one and over the years.

Light-hearted, joyful and funny characters in Wunderkeys tell stories, sing songs, and talk to each other. I find this a fantastic tool to engage the little ones on the keyboard.

At the same time, children get to learn and develop basic musical skills that are necessary for beginner pianists. The first book of the Wunderkeys method is all about exploring sounds – students learn and explore the capabilities of the piano, discovering low and high, short and long as well as polite and impolite sounds. The second Wunderkeys book is all about Predicting Patterns. You may have heard how patterns are essential to music making. This aspect is closely tied to the development of math skills. The third book of the series is all about recognising rhythm. This final component of the program is designed to prepare a young student for a successful continuation of formal music lessons.

Students are required to revise material at home and do some simple homework to enhance the activities they have learnt, also helping to instil good practice habits for piano lessons in the future.


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