Why is Music So Much Fun?

Music Movement and Laughter

Why are children attracted to music? So many parents come to us to say that the reason they have decided to enrol is because they have watched their child really respond to music – their eyes light as they bop along, sway and bounce lightly on the spot as they listen to their favourite music playing.


So what is there about music that makes us feel good?

Well, first of all, when we move our bodies to music, our brain releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins. These hormones bring about that feeling of well-being both physically and emotionally. And because we feel good, we are motivated to keep moving so we can make that feel-good feeling lasts that much longer. So it has a roll on effect.

Another beneficial hormone to consider is neurotrophins – any movement activities that give our body a work out stimulates the brains to produce neurotrophins – these hormones are responsible for nerve cells growth and making new neural connections in the brains. As children develop elaborate neural connections, any learnt movement (such as kicking or jumping) becomes easier to master.

Finally, did you know that learning is always more effective when we are in a feel-good state and experiencing positive emotions? The optimum environment for acquiring new skills is when laughter and learning are present at the same time.

Young children are not really much into the intricacies of what makes their muscles and nervous systems grow. Children will happily respond to a positive, relaxing and rich learning environment, where they are sorounded and lovingly supported by their grown ups, carers, family and friends.

In each and every one of our music classes, we make sure there is always plenty of movement and lots of laughter, because we know where there is more fun, then learning naturally happens.


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