Kindermusik Toddler Class

Wiggle and Grow class is designed especially to embrace the needs of growing toddlers. Based on the latest research, this new curriculum focuses on a wide range of activities: development of gross to fine motor dexterity, active listening, introduction to singing and vocal development, steady beat reinforcement through instrument exploration and play, age-appropriate games to help develop coordination, inhibitory control, musicianship and to practise turn taking. Classroom experiences are completed with parenting resources and tips that are found at each family’s personal Kindermusik@home account. This class is a caregiver and child experience.Toddler class

In this class toddlers acquire an understanding of basic musical concepts such as low and high, quiet and loud, slow and fast, through movement and musical activities. They learn: to develop and maintain steady beat, voice exploration, counting through 1:1 correspondence, identify colours and shapes, and develop fine and gross muscle control.  Playing a variety of age-appropriate instruments strengthens hand-eye coordination, develops musical skills and boosts self-confidence. As with all of our classes, our exceptional literacy component which includes books, poems, chants, and playful nonsense word games ensures toddlers grow to love reading, reciting poems, matching rhymes with actions, and developing speech easier and quicker.

  • Kindermusik toddler class
    Resonator bars exploration

This class is suitable for ages: 18 months to 3.5 years 

Duration: 45 minutes 

Monday classes held at Hamersley Recreation Centre

Tuesday classes held at Karrinyup Sports Centre.

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