Kindermusik Big Kid Class

Move and Groove class takes the musical learning to the next level! In this class children are introduced to basic musical notation, learn more advanced  musical concepts, and find out interesting stories about our famous music composers. They become more comfortable and accurate singers and with increased cognitive skills they get to enjoy more advanced dances and ensemble experiences. We also provide lots of opportunities for the children to  read, write and compose music by themselves! Introductory keyboard games included. Caregivers join for the last 10 minutes of the class for sharing time activities.

Big kids class Move and Groove Kindermusik class


Classes are process, not performance-oriented and concern the whole child. This approach provides optimal conditions for learning, and a steady and stress-free gradual improvement of your child’s abilities. Classes are equally fun for the kids and for the families. Active involvement of parents in class and at home is encouraged through the use of @home materials which also help to foster crucial learning partnership between parent and a child.

  • Kindermusik Big Kids class
    Pre-keyboard activities

This class is suitable for ages: 4-6 years

Duration of the class: 45 minutes (parents or caregivers join for the last 10 minutes).

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