Hugs and Cuddles

The Theme for our class this month is ‘Marvelous Me’ – all about our precious 2 and 3 year olds, as they begin to discover all about themselves –  their physical self (“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”), taking enormous pride in what they can do (“Jump, Skip, Go & Stop”), and increase independence as self-awareness is reinforced (“You and I”).

As parents, we watch and marvel in wonder as our bundle of joy grow day by day and week by week, right before our very own eyes. But don’t worry parents –  here at 7 notes,  we give you lots and lots of excuse to cuddle, tickle, hug and kiss your Baby, your non-stop Toddler, even your Mr Independent Pre-schooler!  It’s actually been found to do lots of good for your child’s healthy development! (‘Hugs and Cuddles Have Long-Term Effects’, by

So go ahead parents! Shower them with kisses and hugs in these early years! They’ll thank you for it as they grow into wonderful, caring and loveable little beings!

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