Kindermusik Teacher


Arlene Leroux (BAPsych)
Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Arlene is a mum of two who discovered Kindermusik over 10 years ago, when she attended classes with her children, from “Village” baby classes all through to the “Imagine That” pre-school music program. 

Over the years, her children attended many other activities, but those Kindermusik experiences became so very dear and memorable to them. It has given her kids a great start at school – socially, academically, musically, and in nurturing their creative, artistic side. 

“What I love about Kindermusik is how on the ‘outside’, our musical activities are deceptively easy, delightfully engaging and so much fun to do, but on the ‘inside’, each single one of these activities have been carefully researched and designed to optimise a child’s learning potential within their age group, helping them develop sound literacy and musical skills, physical coordination and team cooperation, through activities which encourage inhibitory control and the development of positive social skills.

In other words:  There’s a reason we do what we do!”

Arlene hails from a family of musicians – her mum, now in her 70s, is still teaching piano. Her dad was a high school teacher who studied Opera and sang Tenor, even recording his own repertoire. 

Arlene has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of New England, formal qualifications in AMEB Grade 8 Pianoforte and Level 5 Music Theory. She has been teaching Kindermusik for over 5 years. She teaches keyboard and piano both in group classes and one-on-one tuition. 

As a hobby, she sings in an all-women’s choir and practises Yoga regularly. 

“As a mum of two lovely children, I know myself how fleeting and short these wonderful childhood times are. They do grow up so quickly! My advice to parents is to take advantage of these younger years, enjoy your child’s company, and strive to create a loving musical environment at home. 

As I watch my children grow into their early teens, I can see now how much music supports them – it serves as an artistic outlet, a means of social networking and a sound training in staying focus during academic and sporting endeavours.

Music serves as a life-long companion for your child, in any shape or form -so try to incorporate it during their growing years. They will thank you for it!”


10 years on, my children with their favourite instruments
10 years on, my children with their favourite instruments



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